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percepti0n's Journal

«ø» κяιsтιи «ø»
14 September 1984
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, *my dan, *my kaden, 11:11 wishes, a different perception, all colors especially green, all things caffeinated, animal rights, babies!, baby hands and feet, banging bass and beats, being a computer nerd, being serious, black holes, caeser salad and soup, cleaning until i collapse, collecting music, complicated things and ideas, conversations inside my head, cooking although i suck, crying tears of joy, dieting, doing the robot dance, dreaming of him, drinking for fun, driving with windows down, eating veggies, energy, enviga tea, finding the right words, forgiving myself, getting lost in trance, hair dye, honesty, ignoring phone calls, im not like you, innocence, intense conversations, kadens laugh and smiles, laughing until it hurts, lazy sundays, life is a dream, losing track of time, lost inside of you, love & friendship, makeup sex, making music, making someone else smile, march 20th 2003, may 11th 2007, movie nights, moving forward not backward, my cat perch, my favorite djs, my husband, my other/better half, my rabbit kuzco, my son, my sons complete trust, obsessing over lost, obsessions, october 2nd 2007, organic eating, organizing everything, planet earth, pounding techno music, pretending i can dance, putting people before myself, reading & writing, records spinning, reflections, remembering something forgotten, respect for living things, respecting animals, road trips with him, seeing clearly, shoe boxes of memories, smell after it rains, smiling with my eyes, smoke breaks, snuggling under the sheets, soft baby skin, space is never ending, summer days, sun on my skin, taking millions of pictures, talking to strangers, tanning outside, the air we breathe, the mind, the never ending search, the number 11, the rave "scene", the universe, thinking too much, time alone, trance dance techno &electro, trusting someone completely, truth, ufo hunting, watching the discovery channel, weekends with family, working-out till it hurts,